Organisms in mire habitats: sphangnum-moss, gnat, labrador tea and haircap moss

Biologically mire is an ecosystem where mire vegetation grows and forms fresh peat; also animals from centipedes to ospreys are a part of this ecosystem

Finland is one of the earth’s richest countries in mire habitats. Biologically, scenically and also from the point of cultural history, mires are a part of our most original nature. As much as one third of our country is covered by mires of various kinds, here in Northern Ostrobothnia mire cover more than 60 & of the superficial area.

The amount of mires is explained by our cool, moist climate and the relatively flat relief that facilitate the gradual accumulation of peat, and the amount of hollows and depressions suitable for bog formation. Mires have been protected since the 1980s under the National Mire Conservation Programme, which aims to preserve a suitably representative sample of Finland’s rich diversity of mire ecosystems.

Image of cloudberry, curlew and whimbrel
Organisms in mire habitats: spiders, cranberry, sundew and centipedes