The hill top tors of Kätkävaara

Kätkävaara is a forested hill with tor formations in its hill tops, it also contains the 7-kilometer-long nature trail. Kätkävaara’s stone fields are impressive ancient shores and they are often referred to as ”the devil’s fields”. The nature trail’s circle-loop route presents the area’s diverse nature. This trekking route is medium in its difficulty and it is recommended to reserve about 3-4 hours to complete depending on the pace.

A fireplace and a lavatory can be found at the start of the route. An observation tower, a timber hut and another lavatory can be found at the highest point of the trekking route. The route has a total of 16 info panels. The route is partially accessible (unobstructed?). The first 300 meters from the start to the hut features an accessible walkway made of 120 cm wide planks. In addition, there is a separate accessible route of 600 meters that goes around Perälampi.

The route is maintained by the municipality of Tervola. However, please note that firewood is delivered only during when there is no snowfall. Firewood delivery is seldom during the winter. The majority of the route goes through private land, for this reason, please keep the route tidy of litter and respect the routes nature and its surroundings. Please hold on to your litter and bin them appropriately back at the start point, since the route has no garbage disposal service.


Map data: National Land Survey of Finland – Topographic Database

Kätkävaara’s nature trail is located in Tervola, in the town of Loue. The address of the nature trail is Leirikätkä 74, 97140 Tervola. The easiest way to reach Kätkävaara is by a car. It is also possible to arrive by train, though, the closest station is 24 kilometers away from Kätkävaara, in Tervola’s train station. A connection route by bus goes from Tervola’s station to the town of Loue.

There is a parking lot at the starting point of the nature trail, where you can park your car for the duration of your visit. The road to the starting point will be plowed in the winter for the time being.