The nature trail showcases the life and history of Kätkävaara as 3D-models in virtual content. The 3D-models can be viewed as augmented reality. You can watch the 360-video with a browser or open it with your phone’s YouTube-app and compare either the glacial or current landscape of Kätkävaara to your environment by moving your phone.

3D-model of a pike in a pond

A pike in a pond

A 3D-model of a pike on the bottom of a pond.

3D-model of a raven

A raven

A 3D-model of a flying raven.

Ancient water levels in Tervola area

Change of water level

A 3D-model of the change in water level from the ice age to the present day.

Picture of glacial landscape at Kätkävaara

Ice age landscape

A 360-video showing the glacial landscape of Kätkävaara 10 000 years ago.

Viewing tower at the top of Kätkävaara

View from Kätkävaara

A 360-video view from top of the Kätkävaara,