Fishing is the most popular hobby in our country, it has been calculated that more than one million Finns go fishing every year.  A major part of these people fish for fun during their free time, they are so called recreational or sport fishermen.

Perälammit are home to inherent fish, perch, roach and pike.

A picture of of a perch


Perca fluviatilis

Perch is a freshwater gamefish most commonly found in small ponds, lakes, streams or rivers. Perch are green colored with dark vertical stripes and red-orange fins and tail. Perch are usually 15-30 cm long and they weight 50-350 grams. They live about 6 years.

A picture of a roach


Rutilus rutilus

Roach is a fresh- and brackish-water fish. They are usually about 15-25 cm long and weight maximum 500 grams. Roach has red eyes, fins and tail. Its body has grey colouring and large scales.

A picture of a pike


Esox lucius

Pike live in brackish and fresh waters in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a vibrant species with a wide range of habitats that survives in a wide variety of lakes and rivers as well as in the low-salt Baltic Sea.